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It is important to maintain proper preventative care with your child.  It is important to bring them for their regular checkups and cleanings, so that they can build good oral hygiene habits as they get older.  Cleanings keep the teeth, both baby and permanent, clean throughout growth.  With fluoride treatment, minerals help to rebuild the teeth and keep them strong into adulthood.

Some teeth naturally have deep grooves and are hard to keep clean.  It is in those spots where decay likes to start.  With dental sealants, we can safely seal those non-decayed grooves and make those groove smooth.  With smooth grooves, keeping the teeth becomes easier and more effective.  Sealants give extra protection for the teeth.

Sealant material is like composite fillings in that they are resin based that flows into the grooves and seals them up.  With proper maintenance, sealants can last years.  Some adults still have their sealants from when they were a kid.  A dental sealant only provides protection when it is fully intact, so if your sealants come off, be sure to come in for an evaluation and possible replacement.